Hi, there. It’s me, Barkley. Thought I’d introduce you to a couple more of my ranch buddies.

This is Squeaky. He’s a Quarter Horse and, like me, works with cattle. No, he doesn’t herd them like I do, he is a cutting horse. Whereas I try to keep all the cattle together, Squeaky is able to quietly go into the herd at weaning time and cut one of the calves from the herd so it can be separated from its momma. He is really good at it, too. Didn’t make it in the Show Arena, but boy can he work the herd at home! A real artiste.

If you want to learn about Cutting Horses, check it out at the National Cutting Horse Association’s website: www.nchacutting.com

And this is Ziggy. She’s a Quarter Horse, also. Did you know that a “Quarter Horse” was originally a race horse specially bred for short distances up to a quarter of a mile? They descend from the Spanish horses brought over by the Conquistadors, and were later bred to English thoroughbreds. Today’s Quarter Horse is one of the most versatile equine breeds around.

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