Been rather under the weather lately. My left shoulder has been bothering me (I got kicked by a cow about a year ago, and it has come back to haunt me, especially when the weather turns humid), so I am limping around on three legs. Mom has been giving me some pain medication which helps, but I mostly just feel like lying around the house, particularly on her bed, although it’s not always easy to get up and down from it. I have a big, fluffy pillow bed I can lie on also, which I share at times with Big Mom’s black and white cat, Lukey Longshanks. For those who have just joined my blog, Big Mom is my Mom’s mom. Not that she is big, she is actually smaller than my mom, but she is much older, about 18 in dog years, which is 88 in human years. She a good egg, so easy to get sympathy from. All I have to do is put my head on her lap and look up at her pitifully, like my whole world were coming to an end, and she is always ready with kind words and lots of petting. And if I really turn it on, I may get a biscuit out of her, although Mom has told her “No snacks between meals” because she says I’m putting on too much weight. Hey, not my fault if I can’t exercise because my shoulder hurts! Besides, I think I deserve a biscuit every once in a while. Doesn’t every dog?

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