Barkley, here.

I told you I live on a ranch where there are lots of cows, so I thought I’d introduce you to some of them:

This is Molly. She’s one of our older cows and a real good momma. I’m careful not to get too close to her ’cause she can really kick! Learned my lesson when I was a pup and lost my two front teeth.

And this is what it looks like from my point of view when I’m herding the cows.

Pretty imposing, wouldn’t you say?

And here’s our bull. He stayed a while at the┬áNorth ranch (where I live) until he was moved back to the┬áSouth ranch with the cows. Got to know him well. He’d see me coming and head straight for the pen. “OK, ok, I’m going,” he’d mumble. “You don’t have to show off.”

I guess you could call him a gentle giant, although I never let my guard down with him. Neither does my Mom. A bull is a bull is a bull. And that’s no bull.

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