Memorial Day

I know that Memorial Day has come and gone, but I still want to take the time to remind all dog lovers, that we too have made the ultimate sacrifice for Liberty and Freedom.

Here is a fact about the service of dogs during the Vietnam War:

Military working dogs (war dogs) were approved for use in Vietnam in March of 1965. By July 17th, forty teams had been deployed to the bases of Tan Son Nhut, Ben Hoa and DaNang. By the end of the 1965, there were 99 dogs in the country. By September 1966 more than 500 dog teams were deployed to ten bases. Between July 1965 and December 1966, not a single Viet Cong sapper team penetrated a base guarded by sentry dogs. These dogs gave their lives to protect American soldiers, but most were left behind in Vietnam.

 The Military brought home their human soldiers, too bad they didn’t think enough of us dogs to bring us home as well.

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