She did it!

I am so excited! Mom is finally posting articles about dogs on her blog! It’s about time, too. For rmonths now she has been promising me that she would post articles about us canines, but all I’ve seen are articles about horses, and cattle, and goats. Yes, goats! How do goats rate better than dogs? Mind you, I have nothing against goats. They have their place in the world like everyone else, but that place is not before dogs! No, sir. Not before dogs. I put my paw down on that! Humph! Anway, her first article is about our relationship to wolves. Of course, you all know that dogs descend from wolves, but did you know that all dogs still have wolf instincts in them? Even those little Mexican Chihuahuas that go around yapping at everything and everyone? Yup, we all have wolf in us. So, from the biggest Great Dane down to the tiniest Toy Poodle, all dogs have within themselves the heart of a wolf.¬†How about them biscuits?

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